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 Are you in a new relationship and want to make sure it lasts? Do you and your partner have a “good relationship” but want to make it Great?” Are you ready to elevate love for personal growth and Couple Growth? Maybe you are ready to meet your true soulmate and not sure where to look?

Stardust & Honey is a Relationship Development company. We exist to inspire couples to put love first, connect more deeply, rise to your shared potential and experience the highest evolution of love- that of “Beloveds.” Intrigued?

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Signature Experiences: Anniversary, Date Nights or Travel Fun

We think ‘couple time' should be more than just dinner and a movie. Date nights, anniversaries or getaways should spark romance and memories. Our debut Signature Experience: “Everlasting Honeymoon” is a romantic honey themed evening tour from the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom. Ohhh yes! It is super playful, fun and a huge hit!

Becoming Beloveds

Take a Hero's Journey to higher love in our debut book, Becoming Beloveds. Think of it as a relationship retreat redefining modern love. Open new doors, build a new foundation, and rise through levels of insight and awareness. Filled with psychology, poetry, reflection, stories and a lyrical flow. Whether you are single, in a new relationship or long established, learn how you can become more whole, earn the kind of love you want, and build a beloved relationship.

Our Tools & Treats

Our products and experiences are unique and playful for building better love. We are just beginning and there is more to come. Be sure to join our email list for coupons, contests and updates!  

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Want to have the romance of a honeymoon at home, and anytime? That's what the Everlasting Honeymoon Signature Experience is all about. Enjoy a fun, playful and memorable evening with a honey theme. Honey is one of the oldest, and sweetest aphrodisiacs ever. Begin in the Kitchen with our delicious Michigan wildflower honey in a sweet glass bottle to make an appetizer together, and top it off with Chocolate Honeycomb bites. Then, move to a couple's shower, using our baby bear honey bottle as a soft and silky spa treatment together. Finally, take our beeswax honey candle and our unique lavender honey massage bar to the bedroom and enjoy a relaxing massage without drips or mess. This is a guaranteed evening of inspiration, sensuality, play, and connection.

You Can Have Any Life You Want. All You Have to Do is Decide.


Let's rebuild long lasting love. Everlasting Love. It begins one decision at a time. One new habit at a time.

Try our Free 7 Days of Honey Drops – little suggestions via Messenger to send your love a little sweet thought or gesture with your phone as the tool. If you like it, try out 12 month Beloved Habits Guide.

It is the first step to building what we call Beloved Habits. Invest in your relationship and it will expand exponentially. 


We absolutely LOVED this! Thank you, thank you.” – Shana


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